What do I say? 16 weeks 4 days. I have a doppler in my living room and listen to the heartbeat daily. I feel bits of movement every day but not enough to be confident enough to put the doppler away. I’ve  had 2 midwife appointments and everything is progressing perfectly. I’ve had no more bleeding, and although I’ve had a couple of people I know recently experience miscarriages, I’m doing my best not to exist in a state of fear. It’s not easy, but honestly, the doppler helps.

As far as pregnancy goes, I’m feeling pretty good. Insomnia like a bitch, still occasionally gagging on food, and food aversions, but I feel good. I’m running once a week (trying for twice) and started prenatal yoga this week. I have plenty of energy, which is bizarre since I only sleep about 4-6 hours a night.

We’re planning a home birth. Yeah, I know that it sounds funny after the high intervention conception but… well that’s why. I’m 40, and a vbac, but otherwise I’m healthier than 90% of American women. A typical OB would consider me incredibly high risk but… I’m not. And I don’t want to be treated as such. I don’t want someone planning my c-section and pushing me to do tests I’m not comfortable with. My midwife respects our choices and knows that my body can do this. I couldn’t get pregnant, but I can BE pregnant and god dammit, I CAN give birth. Someday I’ll tell you all about my birthing experience, and it will make you laugh, and cry and think I’m insane for doing it again, but well… I am.

Next up, we’ll chat about how often I think about the donor, how often I think about the fact this baby growing inside of me isn’t genetically related to me. Short answer? Never.


~ by zeneggs on March 8, 2012.

3 Responses to “Hi.”

  1. Hi Zeneggs
    I recently discovered your blog. I 42 and 6,5 weeks pregnant after using donor eggs — and also never think about it. Its such a non-issue. Glad to hear you are feeling better cos I am feeling like crap, but just trying to enjoy every moment of this.

    • Yeah, you’ve got some time before you start feeling better! I hope it comes sooner than later tho. Congrats on your success! I glanced at your blog… hope to hear about your next ultrasound soon!

  2. I’m glad everything is going well. I wouldn’t want a Dr pushing me to have a c section if I was in your position either.

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