Apparently this cycle is all about things going wrong and making it just right. Remember the transfer day from hell? Well, today was ultrasound day, alternately known as “who we got in there?” day. Our sitter was supposed to arrive at 9:15, giving me just enough time to pick up S2 and rush to the office. I’d confirmed yesterday afternoon that she’d be here, so at 9:20 I started panicking that she wasn’t going to show (apparently she’s housesitting and when she set the alarm she set it for pm and slept till 10 am) so I got BoC dressed quickly (thankfully she’d eaten a good breakfast) packed up her backpack with some legos (or as she calls them, tiny blocks) and her iPad and rushed out of the house. S2 hadn’t left for work yet, so he took the other car and met me there.

BoC and I arrived *just* in time, and strangely the waiting room had several school aged kids, clearly it’s holiday break. I was worried she would freak out in the US room, or that she would touch something or god only knows what. We were ushered directly back into the room and the nurse said “are you alone today?” I informed her that S2 was on his way and 2 minutes later he was in the room.  We set B0C up with her iPad and I hopped up on the exam table. Less than a minute later Dr. M  was in the room and it was game on.  BoC played quietly on her iPad and didn’t make a peep till we were done and she even sat on my lap while I got my blood drawn. She blew my mind today.

My heart was beating in my throat as he input all the info into the computer, verifying my birthdate and telling me what my EDD would be should this be a singleton. (8/18/12, if you wanna know and since BoC was 12 days late, it could very well be a September baby) Finally we got the cootercam up and running and took a peek…

And there it was, a sac measuring a little behind, but the embryo measuring just right for dates and a lovely flickering heartbeat. My favorite part is when they turn on the sound… swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh. The tears were fast and hot, and I felt S2 reach for my hand and we once again got a chance to see and hear our offspring so early on. Oh, hello there! get cozy and stay a while, a LONG LONG WHILE!  Dr.M spent quite some time measuring and looking closely at everything, reassuring me that there was *most  likely* only one.  He let me know that at this point, with what we’ve seen, I have less than a 12% chance of a miscarriage. I could focus on that 12% but instead I’ll focus on the other 88% and run with that.

We have a heartbeat. 123 beautiful beats per minute.

Right now there are two hearts beating within my body, and only one of them is mine. I couldn’t be happier.


~ by zeneggs on December 29, 2011.

5 Responses to “123”

  1. !!!!!!!!!!! And many cheers for BoC’s awesomeness.

  2. Congratulations, congratulations!!! I can’t say it enough!!!

  3. What terrific news. So happy for you!!

  4. Oh my goodness, congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!! Oh so exciting!

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