Last night I got a new tattoo. I love it so much. Each of my tattoos have meaning for me, this being my fifth one. They seem to take on more meaning as I get them. This one, well it has meaning in spades.

Nine. Nine embryos have been transferred into my waiting womb. Nine. I have one living child. You do the math.

Nine little birds have been placed in my body, and only one rests her feet on the earth. Since my daughter was born, I have sung  Blackbird to her, so it was only fitting to choose black birds to represent all that potential. Six grey birds for the embryos that didn’t take. Two white ones for the ones that did but couldn’t stay. And one, beautiful bird taking flight to represent my beautiful amazing girl.

Nine. As you can see, there is room to add more. I’d rather not add to the grey side, and please, please, please not another white one. We’re hoping for one more black one, but… I’d take two.



~ by zeneggs on November 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Nine”

  1. Beautiful


    Now that we’ve gotten that out sufficiently out of the way: If you had a nickel for every time I thought about you you’d be sitting on the countryside in your cabin made from hemp logs, selling breast milk and various and sundry other homemade items on Etsy and never “working” a day in your life…that’s how much I think about you.

    I am sending everything good, positive, and loving to YOU…and many prayers to my God for a verrrrrrrry successful EVERYTHING this time.

    Yes, my chiro charged $308 each time I went. No wonder he was looking at me with money bags in his eyes every time I showed up. We never got a bill; I ended up going onto my HRA account online and saw that, this calendar year, $3000 of it went to him.

    And I just thought he liked me…


    A thousand – no, a million paper cranes to you, my love!

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