Game on.

So, Sorry I’ve been absent. I started a post in mid October amidst the craziness that was happening but it never got published. I’ll tell you what happened, I promise. For now, I’ll just tell you I’m done with birth control pills and a week into Lu.pron with no ill side effects (for a change). I’m sure it’s because all the collective shit that hit the fan (more on that, I promise) and I’ve not really settled into the truth that this is real.
Oh, but it’s real. And I’m really about a month away from embryo transfer. December 1st at 11:45. Yep. We’ve got a date set and it’s all in motion.
I haven’t run in a month due to extenuating circumstances but am itching to get back on the road a few times a week in the next few weeks because I need to feel back in my body. I’m so disconnected and it’s not where I wanted to be for this cycle. Thank god for therapy, cause I’m gonna need a lot of it.
So, I’ve committed to NaNoBloMo to force myself to write more, and hopefully will come here (besides my public blog) and spew some of what’s living in my head.
It’s not all pretty, so stay tuned for an exciting ride.


~ by zeneggs on October 31, 2011.

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