Busy work

I need to do something to keep myself from going insane between now and Monday. So I’m going to do what all the other infertiles do every cycle, I’m going to pee on sticks. See, my history with POASing is pretty crappy. My first few months ttc I’d buy some pee sticks (whatever was in fashion 100 years ago) and pee on them and get nothing. Then I got sick of throwing money away. Then we ended up at the RE and they would have me come in for a beta (that my insurance paid for) and those were fun days, waiting for a call that never had good news (until it did).  I brought home a pregnancy test from the office (I worked with an ND at the time) and decided to use it the morning before beta. It was a dud. Didn’t even have a control line. I decided it was all things pee-sticky telling me that I am not to pee on sticks.  When we got back into the ring and started our FETs in 2009, I was tempted but resisted because the lure of seeing one solitary line? no thanks.  Last fall when we started IUIs again I was tempted again, and eventually didn’t even schedule the beta cause I would either bleed, or not.  So here I am, with 3 days of upcoming FMU to burn, I might as well waste $40 on pregnancy tests, no?

For a veteran I really have no clue what I’m doing here people.  I had to text three friends to ask which kind to buy and in the end, they couldn’t agree so I bought both. The peeing will commence tomorrow. Let’s hope something shows up, because if the internets are true, and I get some lines, then my numbers are going up.


~ by zeneggs on August 13, 2011.

One Response to “Busy work”

  1. FRER is an excellent choice.

    Save the “Pregnant” ones for later – the sensitivity is much lower on these.

    Happy belated old timer. Welcome to the Club. It really isnt so bad.

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