Not how I wanted to start the day. But as one friend pointed out with a 48 doubling rate I’d still not be at 28miu and most hpt pick up at 25. So. Onward we go. I’ll admit my hope level is low but I know you’ll all carry the banner for me.


~ by zeneggs on August 13, 2011.

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  1. Not stalking your blog or anything, promise. You know you can consider me the HPT guru. I’ve taken so many HPTs they should create one in my name. One thing I do know is that you can pretty much forget about what the lowest level of HCG any given pregnancy test will *claim* to pick up. I’ve had betas of 300 and still-negative pregnancy tests. Lily white. Not even a shadow of a line.

    Can I give you a little, tiny *eek*?

    • I know I know I know. I had a second beta of 465 with ruby and barely had a line. I’m trying to be hopeful but really I just want to get in bed till monday.

  2. I swear I see a faint line on that second one. And the digital ones have to be really high for them to pick up anything so ignore that one completely. And you wouldn’t have even doubled yet, so it’s unlikely it’ll pick it up yet. With Sylas I got a super faint line with a beta of 33. And as Rach says, they’re all messed up anyway.

  3. Exactly Jennifer. Those ones that take away the lines have to come with a cost – to assuredly say Yay or Nay, they have to read much more HGC. Those are a waste of time at this stage. The other is looking for 25 and you really cannot be there just yet.

    You have lots of reasons to refrain from giving up. I wont be as obnoxious to suggest you remain hopeful but there is no reason for heading the other way. Consider remaining neutral?

    Take Home with a 6 beta? That is pure madness. I would love to meet this woman and shake her hand to commend her on her mental strength. I hope you and she have a lot in common.

  4. […] line. Last time I bought two boxes to try and quiet my crazy mind and well, we all know how that shit turned out. I so want a different outcome. Like one where I get pregnant, stay pregnant and give […]

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