All I want

Is two lines. Is that too much to ask? I’ve paid my dues, sung my song, and walked the line. I want off of this roller coaster.
Tomorrow is the day I will pee on a stick. I have a stick and I am going to pee on it. And then, I will most likely look at the stick I just peed on and it will tell me one thing or the other.

I just want two lines. One thing at a time, right? It’s not too much to ask.


stay tuned.


~ by zeneggs on August 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “All I want”

  1. No, not too much to ask. I am definitely tuned, and am expecting 2 lines. You heard it here first.

  2. They’re coming!

  3. I want to see you and that Take Home Baby – all tired and happy.

    Sigh of contentment.

    It will come.

    I hope it all starts this morning. Man oh man let this be the time.

  4. killing me. Update. ❤ you!

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