Thirty eggs. They retrieved thirty eggs. I can only imagine how that poor girl felt, cause I thought my vagina was going to drop out if my body with 14.

Thirty. Donor eggs are paying off.

Fertilization count tomorrow.

Thirty. Holy motherfucking shit. That’s money in the bank, bitches.


~ by zeneggs on July 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Thirty”

  1. Money. In. The. Bank. I love you. And 30 is MAGIC I tell you. magic.

  2. Amazing result! I am assuming you’re not sharing your donor?? If so then you will have your pick of the very best embryos plus plenty to freeze. Such great news!! I’m still waiting to hear from my clinic about how many eggs we get. We should find out today. I’m sharing so I won’t get as many as you have though.

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