Let’s get this party started.

Ultrasound and blood draw today. Uterine lining 11 mm with a triple stripe. Textbook perfect. I make good uterine lining. Eggs? not so much.

The donor, in her 23 year old ovarian perfection is kicking ass. 15 on one side 19 on the other. They may actually slow her down so that she doesn’t overstimulate, but if all goes as planned retrieval will be next thursday, and transfer the following tuesday.

I was sitting with my fave nurse going over meds and dates and I mentioned that I may run out of lu.pron if we go past thursday. She says “well you’re probably already pretty downregulated so one dose may not matter”. I make a joke and say “yeah, and I”m FORTY, so not much is happening in there”. She smacks my leg and says “OH STOP! you have a beautiful uterine lining!” and I said “yeah, that much I can do, we all know that, but not so much with the eggs.”

I was joking, really, but then it sent me into the spiral of reality that I hadn’t really wanted to face. I’m paying a 23 year old to do something I can’t.  She’s beautiful and young and healthy and producing wonderfully, and more than likely this will result in a human being growing in my body.

I guess I still have some grieving to do. Just in time for my therapist to go on vacation for a month.

But there’s beauty in the breakdown, right?


~ by zeneggs on July 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Let’s get this party started.”

  1. Yay for the lining and the eggs. You know, there are things that each of us can’t do. The beauty lies in realizing that and working for a solution rather than laying down in defeat. Your future child will be very happy you found the ED and blessed to be part of a wonderful family.

  2. Allow me to split some hairs, please? You are paying delightful young fertile and compassionate woman for her medical risk and inconvenience, not her eggs. A small but mighty hair split.

    Grieving continues. I have been experiencing strange thoughts on my end but grief isn’t the right word… Just always continuing to process the complex ball of the donor family. Lately I have been consumed w borderline regret for not sending my donor a gift. Wtf is that? I dunno. I guess just roll with it and recognize it may linger for some time.

    Man, that is a lot of eggs. Laugh out loud number of eggs. Plus, what did her stims run you, $1500? Makes it even funnier to me.

    Your lining will be difficult, if not impossible, to resist. Welcome long term tenant(s)!

    My RE (who I love dearly for the record) has a theory. There are 3 aspects to babies and no one is good at all of them. Eggs (fail), uterus (proven and delightfully fluffy) and breastfeeding (I think we can compare you to Elsa the Cow due to your phenomenal success here?).

    2 out of 3 for my old and haggard 40 year old friend aint bad! Please consider me your not very good therapist while yours is out. I fucking love donor eggs and what they do.

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