CD 1

Stopped at the grocery yesterday to buy tam.pons. Usually I’m a good hippie and I use cloth pads and a reusable cup but were headed to a family reunion in the woods and I wanted easy.
As I stood in the tam.pon aisle I felt a gush, and there it was. Spotted a bit yesterday with light flow today. Called it in and away we go. 10 units of lupron a day till the 16th adding del estrogen this weekend.
Within a month we should be done. Embryo(s?) transferred and in the long long wait. Six weeks and I’ll know the answer.

Hold me.


~ by zeneggs on July 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “CD 1”

  1. Good luck!! For both of us!!

  2. Bring it!

  3. Flow, baby, flow.

    Six wks to the answer, but remember too that you very likely have a beautiful insurance policy in the freezer at the end of it all. The joy of the DE. Surplus.

    You are still sitting on the number to transfer? I haven’t gone looking for these articles yet, but I heard there is some consideration that one may be an preferable number to transfer. Something about taxing the uterus but you need to balance it against the simple math of greater odds with more embryos. I thought I read 2 DE may do more to increase your odds of twins and have much less impact on the overall chance of pregnancy.

    You should consider checking out She had a lot to say about transferring one. In fact, I was figuring we were going to transfer 2 until I read up on all of her research. I had never really heard about selective single embryo transfer. When I posed it to my RE she said I was a great candidate for it as I had shown a healthy pregnancy to term – even with my old ass eggs.

    Go back to her archives. She is one of those bloggers who could almost be an RE. Lots of good technical information to consider. She just had her baby too. You can be next….

    • Thx for the links and the support. Did you do PGD with your one embryo? I don’t think we are going to choose it. I am leaning toward one, unless there is no insurance policy, ya know?
      My doc did talk about transferring 2 not really increasing our chances of pregnancy that much which is why we lean toward 1, that and well.. I am not up to the task of twins.
      xoxo miss you.

  4. In my thoughts ❤

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