Last dance with mary jane

Or birth control pills, as the case may be.

I took my last one this morning after a night of wicked whoremone induced anxiety and oh mah lard am I glad it’s the last one.  I have found myself thinking about my donor a lot, especially today knowing it’s her last bcp today too. We’re synched up and ready to go. I wonder how her day is, if they are making her crabby. In my mind she’s a nice woman, a good mother  and a kind human.

I was thinking all of these things made me a crazy person, then I mentioned this to my therapist, half expecting her to tell me it was time for the funny farm, when she said:

“Of course you’re thinking these things, it’s the beginning of you bonding with this baby.”

And then, I cried.


~ by zeneggs on July 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Last dance with mary jane”

  1. I took my last bc pill this morning too. I haven’t been thinking too much about my donor though, I’ve just been focusing on taking all the pills they tell me and doing all the injections. But like you I like to think of my donor as a good person too. How could she not be?? She’s donating her eggs to a perfect stranger to help them (me) start a family.

    • See, clearly you’re not as crazy as I am. ;)keep on keeping on. I am looking forward to bleeding and hopefully cutting down on the lupron cause damn it makes me sleeeeeeeeepy.

  2. I thought about her day and night. I almost started to fear I was acting a little, well, weird. I like hearing this happened to you as well. I think she picks up all those good, loving vibes. How could she not?

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