Up until now my infertility journey (gad, how cliche’ is that?) has been like hurtling down a freeway at full speed. Every time we were go for a new cycle I couldn’t get there fast enough. Waiting was hell, even though some times it was wholly necessary.

Now I can’t even turn the key. I’m sitting in the driveway with a pile full of cash, a plan and all systems are go. I don’t even know where to start. What do I look for? Someone who looks like me? Someone who likes music? Someone who makes great spaghetti sauce?

This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done. The science experiment is no longer just in my underpants, maybe I should go shopping.


~ by zeneggs on April 5, 2011.

6 Responses to “Stalled”

  1. Hmm… egg shopping. The possibilities…. Firm backside. Musical talent. Patience. Pretty intense to think about.

  2. I’m on the flip side of your journey, searching not for an egg donor, but a sperm donor. I was hit by the sense of ridiculousness as I was searching too. We’re still not done searching and are struggling to decide on which donor to use, because no donor seems ‘just right’ yet. I’ve known for years that DI was one of the most likely routes for us to conceive, but it just seems so weird to be shopping for sperm!

  3. Hi, found you on LFCA and wanted to wish you luck. I am on my 6th cycle using DE but I’m not the usual case! I have chosen 3 donors – my first advice to you is to use a proven donor. My first donor looked perfect on paper but she produced ONE egg. Poor thing, she will probably have her own IF problems but that didn’t help ME!

    My next un-asked for advice is – don’t get too caught up in the donor details. She should be 1. a proven donor, 2. healthy. Those are the most important. You are probably in a place with more donors than I – I waited 11 months before they gave me the FIRST option at my clinic (only clinic for 300 miles). So if you have a choice, it would be nice to have shared interests, or similar looks. But remember once the eggs are harvested they are YOURS. Best of luck –

    • Thanks for your reply! We started looking in earnest at the donor list our clinic provides and found 3-4 potentials. Ahh! Pass the xa.nax!
      I really do appreciate your (unsolicited) advice. It means a lot to hear what veterans have experienced and what to work with/leave behind.
      I’ll be following your story!

  4. Hi there, here from LFCA. We have had to shop for both sperm and now egg donors. It was odd, but I do remember for the SD, it was more like looking for a potential mate, or the qualities of one. 8 or 9 years later when we were looking for an ED, it felt far more simple, skin tone, hair color, weight, height, similar genetic history. None of the touchy feely stuff for us this time. I think it took about 20 min or less. I am now 29 weeks preg with our DS/DE baby. I feel like I made this kid, every bit of this baby, when he is born, comes from me, except the 2 teeny tiny, microscopic bits that were in that petri dish. Those 2 bits are gone, this is our baby, proudly made by mama!

    • Thanks so much for your reply! congratulations on your successful pregnancy! I’d love to read your story, and hope you will add me to your bloglist (it says protected). Sounds like you have quite a story to tell. My husband and I looked at the donor profiles together tonight and both really like one (who also happens to look like me 15 years ago). I love what you said about the microscopic bits. ❤ love it.

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